The Nut Boys Cometh: Pistachio's Labor Day Tour to SF/LA/Arizona!

Greetings Pistachions, 

Oh, bretheren and sesteren, how long it's been since we have broke nut together and enjoyed a contemplative evening of groove. The Pistachio family grows and grows, and we have been hard at work on other exciting projects like Life in Maps and The Beloved Stranger  (affectionately known as Pirate Pistachio). But as they say back on Pistachion V, the nut never falls far from the tree, and it seems the flightless Pistachion birds have come home to roost. 

That's right, I mean of course that Pistachio is getting back to what we do best: cramming our sweaty selves into tight vehicular quarters and blowing this proverbial popsicle stand, reaming down the highway, high on freedom and hungry for the next hoe-down (and burrito). We are going on TOUR at the end of August and kickin' it all off with a sweet show in San Francisco this thursday. Here are the dates and deets. Feel free to clear you schedules now to bask in this nutty niceness: 

Thursday, July 20th - Neck of the Woods - San Francisco, CA - tickets: 

Friday, August 25th - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA - tickets: 

Sunday, August 27th - SECRET SHOW (keep thine eyes peeled for deteels) 

Thursday, August 31st - Raven Cafe - Prescott, AZ - FREE SHOW! 

Friday, September 1st - Flagstaff Brewing Company - Flagstaff, AZ 

Saturday, September 2nd - 191 Toole - Tucson, AZ - tickets: 

We appreciate your love and support always and hope to see you at your local Pistachio dealer soon. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for further announcements and new music. And finally, wherever you go Pistachion, go with groove in your heart.