Spring Dates Posted!!

Hey Friends,

It's been quite the winter over here for Pistachio.  With Devin traveling the world, Antony and I have been hard at work filling our spring schedule, highly anticipating Devin's arrival stateside on February 22nd.  And, well, thats really…Read more

Update from Devin on his Earthly Travels

Greetings Pistachions! It's been a crazy six weeks for me. I left California November 18th, and since then I've gone from sailing high seas off the coast of Colombia, to living with the indigenous Kuna people of the San…Read more

I've Seen the Grass - special release

Hey Everybody,

Happy new year here from Pistachio.  We wanted to let you know about some exciting news in our world.  We will be releasing the first song, I've Seen the Grass, from our debut EP this Tuesday, January 6th.  …Read more

In the Studio and working on the website

Today we begin recording our 6 song debut EP - what should we call it? The hard work begins...

And we start work on the website.  Although no one will probably see this until we finish :) 

Wish us luck.  …Read more